We are currently supporting


International Fund for Animal Welfare

There’s a lot of horror in the world right now, but in times of adversity, we often see the absolute best in people.

The plight of fellow Australians whose homes have been flooded who have had nowhere to live for months now and of traumatised Ukrainians walking for hours with their lives in a few plastic bags has horrified us.  But then we saw IFAW’s social media posts about the extraordinary work they’re doing all over the world to help animals in crisis.  We were overcome to read about volunteer animal shelter staff in Ukraine who vowed to remain with the rescued dogs while the bombs fell around them – their bravery and sheer humanity and the plight of those animals that can’t be moved to safety struck a chord with us.

We pledged to donate 10% from each of our tours, once a month, to IFAW.  And within minutes of us posting about this – we received the most gorgeous personal email from IFAW’s Comms Manager in Sydney thanking us for supporting their animal rescue work.  We are a micro business and the pandemic and invasion of Ukraine has taken a financial toll on us, as it has you – but charities and not-for-profits have been hit hard too.  So we’re playing our small part.

And so by booking a tour with us – you too are contributing to IFAW and enabling their critical work.